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Is Your Family Really Safe From Tornadoes?

Let us show you why severe weather experts consider our safety system
the most reliable, fail-safe way to protect your family from tornadoes...

Proven through Texas Tech Wind Lab Impact Testing to withstand impacts of winds OVER 250mph,
our FEMA and ICC 500 compliant storm shelters are trusted by families across the Midwest
to protect them when the UNTHINKABLE happens. WE CAN SAVE YOUR LIFE.

Best of all... you can own one for as little as $82 A MONTH and...
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Warning: Tornadoes Are The Danger You Don't Think About Until Its Too Late

EF Scale EF Scale
Scale 0 65-85 MPH
Scale 1 65-85 MPH
Scale 2 111-135 MPH
Scale 3 136-165 MPH
Scale 4 166-200 MPH
Scale 5 Over 200 MPH

The Tornado at Joplin, MO
on May 22, 2011 was the deadliest
tornado in the U.S. since 1947

is typically defined as the Region
from Texas North to Nebraska

“We just had our shelter installed today. We love it and the team at Precision Shelters were a great team to work with. Highly recommend this company for your next shelter.“ -Kent Jordan

These Aint Your Grandma's Shelters

"...When It Comes to the Safety and Security of My Family, I Put Full Faith in Your Company."
- Adam Ward, Edmond, OK

Precision Shelters provides America’s Best EF5 Rated Storm Shelters, Safe Rooms and Family Security
Products. Designed by expert engineers to withstand even the worst tornadoes on record, our products are
so durable, they come backed by a LIFETIME 100% No Hassle Money-Back Guarantee...

And you can buy confidently knowing your shelter is PROVEN by Texas Tech Wind Lab researchers to
withstand impacts of winds over 250mph and is the trusted safety system of leading weather experts.

Visit us today at our OKC Production Facility off of Britton Road:

Production Tours are available from 8am to 5:30pm Monday through Friday and 8am to 2:30pm Saturdays.
After-hours tours are available on request. Simply call 405-286-9955 to schedule your tour date today.

What Sets Us Apart?

Find out why people call us America’s Best Provider of EF5 Rated Storm Shelters & Safety Rooms

Quarter Inch Steel Top Construction

LIFETIME No Hassle Guarantee On Everything

Coal-Tar Epoxy Water & Rust Resistant Coating

Texas Tech Impact Lab Tested to Resist F5 Winds

Easiest-Rolling, Heavy Duty Ball Bearing on all doors

Customizable Doors, Steps, Lights and More

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